Friday, 13 April 2012

But She's MINE now.

So, we're out walking in the front this morning. I'm happy and I'm showing Mom how happy I am, jumping up and down, racing back and forth, bumping her hand with my head.
Then along comes that fat, dumb, b*tch who lives here thinking SHE can get some of MY Mom's attention.
Well. That's not cool and it's not going to be happening if I can help it.
I growled and lunged. Wow. Stuff got pretty intense for a while there. Mom was yelling, Dad tried to hold my collar but I slipped it off, then the stupid dog tried to back away from me but I wasn't done laying down the law so I went after her some more. I had to show her. This is MY Mom and SHE can't have her. Dad tried to lie down on top of me to make me stop, then he put his whole body between me and the other dog. The male was smart - he just sat and watched.
The female backed away again and I was going to finish her off - I mean really - what is she doing here anyway? This is MY home.
That's when I realized Mom was telling me NO! Pretty loud too. She stepped in front of me and put up her hand and said a very angry NO again. Then she pointed away from her and said GO!
Dad made me go with him to the house. When I looked back, Mom was sitting on the ground and the female was leaning on her shaking. I could hear Mom telling her she was sorry and saying Thank you for being a good dog.
Good DOG? She is NOT a good DOG. She needs to go away.
But then Mom looked at me and she was sad. This pretty much took all of my energy away. Mom was very sad. She was shaking too. I looked over at Dad and he was hosing his leg off because it was scratched up and muddy from trying to get on the ground between us.
For the rest of the day, Mom kept me with her and away from the other dogs. Everywhere she went in the house, she made me go with her. Finally, she left me with Dad and she drove away.
When she came back, she brought her little human and said it was time for a walk - YES!! I LOVE WALKS!!
Then she showed me this cagey thing with treats inside it. I ate out the treats, then she put it on my face. It felt funny. Once it was on my face, she let me be with the other dogs. I wanted to take the thing off but Mom said to keep me safe, I had to wear it.
Keep me safe. pffft. I'm not the one who needs to be kept safe. That other female might be bigger and younger than me, but I can still show her who's the real boss.
She  said I had to learn to trust that no one here will hurt me, not even the other dogs. I need to learn to trust them so I won't try to hurt them.
I don't like the thing. Now I have to wear it in the yard but not so much when we walk. Mom says when we walk, I forget that I don't trust the other dogs because I'm too busy sniffing stuff.
What she doesn't know is that when we walk, we're equal and they don't try stealing my Mom away from me. Maybe she'll learn. But until then, I'm going to have to wear this stupid thing in the yard.

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  1. I like to stick close to my person too, and I also do not like it if another dog comes close when I am near my person. She is MY person.

    But I'm learning to trust my person. When she says it's safe, I am learning that this is true. I don't think I will ever feel entirely safe, especially when a big dog comes too close, but things are getting better. I hope you can learn to feel safe with your person too.

    Jacobi, the dog who doesn't fetch (but who LOVES WALKS!)