Tuesday, 24 April 2012

I'm baaaaaaaaaaack!

So, Mom says I have to get my butt in gear and post some stuff cause someone wants to read my blog!
Mom's been a bit off lately cause of that guy she calls Dentist. One day she came home and half of her face was huge. I think if I ever saw this Dentist guy I might have to have a few words with him.
So, to catch you up.
I'm almost out of that face thing. Thank goodness! I was so good on the weekend we went 2 days without needing it at all. Then Clio (AKA Fat Brown Bitch) thought she could come to Mom for scritches when I was standing right there. I am SO not down with that.
Mom says I'm lucky FBB is patient and listens to her. I say FBB better step off.
So, today when my butt hair went crazy again when I saw FBB, Dad made me wear the stupid thing. I don't know why I have to be nice to her.
This is one of Mom's humans. Maybe I can talk him into taking it off for me. Sometimes I put my head between his knees and whip my head up really fast. Then he jumps and says "Stop sacking me". Not sure what Sacking is but it makes Ronan, the little human laugh when I do it to this one.
We've been doing a lot of exploring in the back. Mom takes us out every morning. She brings this black thing and spends SO much time looking at stuff through it. Sometimes I think she forgets we're there. Mom says we have to walk a lot all together because it makes me too tired to be grouchy and I am more patient with FBB when we're walking. That's SO not it. FBB is too busy with other smells to pay much attention to Mom when we're walking so I don't have to establish who owns whom.

This is Mom's smaller human Ronan. He throws sticks for me. FBB is so stupid she doesn't even realize she's supposed to chase sticks. Ronan likes to throw sticks for me so much that he even cut a special stick just for me. He said it's very green so it will last a long time...

He's pretty good at throwing sticks. I love my stick cause it's all mine and nobody else ever touches it - especially FBB and the cats (don't think just cause I didn't mention them that I'm not still planning their demise, cause I so totally am)

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