Sunday, 8 April 2012

Don't tell her I said this but...

I think my human is a little odd.
Today she took me out, down by the river. She had a bag of shiny things with her.
She took the shiny things out of the bag one by one and put them on the ground, behind rocks, under logs and in tree branches. I tried to help her pick them up, but she wanted them to stay where she put them.
Then we went back to the house and got her little humans. She gave her little humans bags, then they went down and started putting the shiny things back in the bags. Does this make sense to you?
I thought she'd let me help then but no, she didn't want me helping to pick them up, so I waited with her and I watched.
The little humans got some of the shinies, but they missed a lot of them. I couldn't help myself I had to show them. Even when I sniffed the shinies though, no one noticed.
Finally my human came down and started picking up the last of the shinies. I have to tell you. I think my human might be a little slow in the head. She spent a loooong time looking for two shinies and I kept showing  her where they were. You'd think if she put them there, she could pick them back up.
I'm pretty sure there's something wrong with her but don't tell her I told you. It doesn't make me love her less. She finally did notice that I was showing her where they were, so all of the shinies finally got put into the bags, and she said I was a smart girl.
We just won't tell her that I know I'm smarter than her - kay?

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