Thursday, 26 April 2012

So, OK, maybe I'm a lot lab

Mom was shaking her head at me today and saying she thinks there's a lot more lab in me than coonhound.
I'm not sure why she said it. I was in the compost pile snacking down on some incredibly yummy stuff. Then we went to the garden and the black dirt smelled soooo good I had to eat some of that too. Mom said it was 5 year old manure and I was crazy to eat it - either that or a lab. I'm thinking lab must be a good thing. She also said I must be part lab cause I like Kitty Krunchies - I don`t recall SAYING I like Kitty Krunchies.
Kitty Krunchies? Who, me? Why do you ask?
She's one to call ME crazy. Her kid is the one who tried to go to school this morning with his shorts on inside out. I never try to wear my fur inside out. How could he not see the pockets on the outside of the legs?
So, holy cow - I HAVE to tell you about our walk yesterday. We left later in the morning because it was pouring rain out early in the morning and the other two dogs, especially the husky, will melt if they get wet apparently. Anyway, there we are, walking around and FBB gets a whiff of something and she takes off like a shot.
And, there she goes.
Mom and I kept walking down around the corner and up over the big rock and that's when I saw them. I swear, they were monsters. There were 3 of them - they were even bigger than Dad - just standing there staring at us. Woah. I had to back up and get behind Mom, you know, to watch her back, cause someone's gotta watch her back for her. Then they just suddenly turned away and started flying. I swear to you - they were really flying. All 4 of their legs barely ever touched the ground.
That's about when FBB came crashing by shouting "Dude - THOSE are deer!!"
At which point she "chased" them. I say "chased" cause by the time she went by I couldn't even see them, much less hear them anymore.
I think I might have a bit of a new found respect for the FBB. I mean seriously, those things were more than twice her size and they can fly. I didn't see their teeth but I'm betting a dentist would be afraid of them. She says I don't need to be afraid of them, that they always just run away. I thought she was kind of stupid before, now I'm sure of it.
She didn't want to leave in case they came back.
So for the rest of the walk I figured since she's way fatter than I am, if the deer came back, they'd want to snack on her first, so it would be a good idea to hang close to her.
Don't judge me. Look, she's got waaaay more tasty fat on her than I do.

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