Monday, 9 April 2012

I am so under appreciated.

I may have mentioned a few times before that my human is not quite right in the head.
There are two cats living in this house. They walk wherever they want, lie on chairs, the couch, the beds. One of them even lies on her desk while she works.
She had no idea how evil and devious these creatures are. She doesn't know they're laughing at her behind her back. She's completely unaware that they're planning her ultimate demise.
I see through their disguises though. I see the true evil that lies within. The other dogs give these cats a wide berth. The other dogs are sissies. They are not truly protectors of our human. It is up to me to keep her safe from the vermin.
You'd think she'd express a little appreciation but no - she screeched when I tried to dispatch one for her. She screeched - at me! This demon in a furry skin looked right at me, I saw through its machinations and knew what had to be done, but she stopped me.
Then she picked it up!! It watched me from over her shoulder and I could see its triumphant sneer.
Sneer away kitty cat. I know where you sleep.
My vigil continues.

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