Saturday, 7 April 2012

My first days

I was a little confused the first morning when I woke up and I heard her voice again, but one touch from her hand reminded me. This was now home.
She brought me downstairs and opened the door. It was as if an all you can sniff buffet had opened up in front of me. That green was still everywhere. There were birds in the grass, butterflies and bumblebees in the flowers. I could hear the frogs singing from the river running in the lower field. I couldn't help it. I jumped out the door. The other dogs followed me, pushing and shoving, but somehow I didn't really care. There was just so much to smell.
My human took me out that day with the other female dog and 3 of her humans. We went so far and smelled so much. I found ducks!
I was so excited I sort of forgot that I am not a puppy anymore. I jumped, I ran, I swam (it was marvelous!)
When we got back to my beautiful soft bed, I was happy to lie down. When I wanted to get back up, it wasn't very easy. I have never felt sore like this.
My human's man rubbed his fingers in my hips. He rubbed circles in there and when he was done I could walk without limping again.
There's a room in this new place that has all of the food. My human goes in there and good smells start to come out of it. I like to go in to this space and check the floor in case she has lost any good bits. Sometimes it seems as if she looses many extra good bits.
I have only had my human for one day but I do not like it if I cannot see her. I don't like her to be far away from me. She carries my bed everywhere she goes so that I can lie with her if I want. She tried to teach me to sit but I can't. It just doesn't work. When I try, I end up lying down, so she brings my bed everywhere in the house so if I want to lie down, I can lie down on my beautiful soft bed.
So. Much. Green.

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