Tuesday, 10 April 2012

How do you liven up a 5 year old mutt and an 8 year old husky?

You add a 10 year old coonhound to the mix, that's how.
These two are so incredibly lazy it's astounding. How can they not get excited about everything that's back there? Sure, sure they've been back there hundreds of times, I've only been back there a pawful of times but each time there's MORE to smell!! I was so excited I wanted to jump off of the porch. Mom (I've decided that since 2 of her humans call her that - it must be her name) spoiled that by stopping me and making me walk down the stairs.
Then she took us for a walk out back. It was sooooooo cool. There were quail, ducks and robins squawking and flying everywhere. I could smell something that Clio, the other female dog, said is deer. She said that sometimes if they get too close to the house where Mom was working this weekend we get to chase them. Same with the rabbits. Apparently we're not supposed to catch the rabbits. Clio (Mom calls her Sausage sometimes) said that she caught one once and Mom screeched louder than she did when I tried to fix the cat. I'm still not done fixing the cat. I just have to figure out how to do it when Mom's not watching.
As I sniffed my way down the path, I found a really nice smelly trail. It was pretty fresh. Even the lazy dogs were pretty excited about it. Partway through the path there was a pile of poo that smelled kind of like the stuff in the sand boxes in the basement, but a lot stronger. There were bits of bone and fur mixed in with the poo.
It smelled sooooo good I felt like I was in stink heaven. I was going to drop and roll in it but Mom stopped me. She looked at the pile and the next thing I knew we were marching right back to the house. I sure wish I could talk so I could have complained. That wasn't much of a walk at all. We didn't even get to stop and look at the ducks on the way back. Plus, I wanted to keep following that trail. It smelled pretty good!
Partway back to the house Rokko, the male dog - I think he has some serious issues - not the brightest bulb in the box that boy - decided he would simply walk off into the bush towards the neighbour's house. They have two barky dogs I can hear almost all day long. Mom called him but he kept walking. I think maybe she suspects he's deaf (silly woman doesn't realize he just ignores her) because she called him louder and louder. It was like when she tries to get him to sit, stay, lie down, go out, come in - always the same story. He acts like he can't hear her but he can, he just doesn't want to do what she says.
When we got back to the house, Mom made up for the short walk by throwing my new ball for me. I killed it good this time. I'm pretty sure it won't be able to fly or bounce ever again. I gave it a few extra good head shakes for good measure.
It was pretty flat when I was done with it.

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