Saturday, 28 April 2012

Foto-tastic Friday

Since today has been rather uneventful (seriously, how many rabbits and deer can you see before you just become blasé?) - Mom and I decided Fridays would be dedicated to photographs of - you guessed it - me!

You're welcome :)

Every now and then I have to wait for Mom - she forgets to follow me sometimes.
But my boy had a stick. Sticks rule.
I love the stick my boy made me
TADA! No crazy butt hair!!
Mom calls this my "Puppy look"
Because we can't all be cover models all the time :)

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  1. Dear Nikko,

    My person and I love your story, and we are so happy that things are turning out better for you.

    We'd like to give you the Sunshine Blog Award.

    Thank-you for sharing your story, and please keep posting!