Friday, 27 April 2012

Maybe I'm just a sniffer, not a hunter.

Just when I thought things couldn't get any wilder after the monster deer episode yesterday, FBB showed me how to hunt rabbits.
Here's the thing. She gets right in the brambles. I hate that stuff. It's prickly, it's pokey, heck, Mom has to give her eyedrops cause one of the branches poked her eye so badly. She still goes in there.
So the deal is, I sniff it out, she goes in and chases the rabbit out, then we catch it.
Well, she didn't tell me I had to wait for the rabbit to come out. Much like the deer, she also didn't tell me what a rabbit looks like. I've gotta be honest with you. After seeing the deer yesterday, I wasn't too keen on seeing what a rabbit is today.
So I sniffed it out, now she's going in.
I found a trail for her, she went in full bore looking for rabbits. I kind of got bored and went around the corner with Rokko, the husky. Mom shouted - oooh look, a bunny. Well fer goodness sake, how was I supposed to know bunny and rabbit are the same thing? This little furry thing blasted past me and took off up the hill before I could even blink. It was even smaller than the cats! Here's the thing about FBB - the F stands for Fat. I mean, I'm starting to think she's an ok kind of dog and all, but once she goes into the brambles, she has a hard time getting back out again. That furry thing was past me, past Rokko and up, over the hill before she even came out of the bushes.

She didn't sound very happy with either of us when she came running by, trying to catch up with the rabbit. I'm starting to wonder if the whole "I caught a rabbit once and it was thiiiiiiiiiiiiis big" story isn't just that - a story.

I figured she'd  never catch it so I just watched her run up and over the hill. We waited and waited for her to come back and sure enough, she didn't catch it. Apparently I was supposed to stop it when it came out. She should have told me what to look for - her fault, not mine.
She finally came back with her tongue hanging down past her chest, panting her face off and surprise surprise - no bunny.
The rest of the walk was pretty uneventful but Mom patted me when we got back and congratulated me on two straight days of no crazy butt hairs.
I guess I can learn to tolerate this nutty dog - especially if it means every day gets to be like this.

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